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cells. Ventrally this cell lamina spreads out between the medial

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musculature largely if not exclusively from hypoglossal neurones

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while the other grows backward in the sub retinal space

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bryo in which the portion of the hindbrain giving rise to the

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His and von Kupffer each modified the scheme of segmentation in accordance

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Indications for Operation. In the earlier history of

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Weigner found no evidence for mesectoderm formation in the

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three months paint every six months or other equally good

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These relationships are similar to the one which Warren 17

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comprehensive and which appreciates the interdepend

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second edition yet more worthy of the public approbation. He has

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reported that it was censurable. The author was accordingly cited to appear

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tals ours school. In June 1902 Dr. Decker moved all the

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used in the same cases as prussic acid. A few bitter almonds

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The sections illustrated in plate 1 are from abdominal ganglion cells prepared

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agreement to enforce a 5 fee. It is hoped that a num

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substance called Daphnine but owes its medicinal properties

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the tentacle whorls are fully expanded just above the surface of

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The Facility With Which Bacilli from Tuberculous Cows

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Diseases of the Genito Urinary Organs and the Kidneys

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a series of embryos was obtained in which the destruction of

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Recorder which goes free to each member. The following is