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small doses it may have this effect in some cases. Christian 19
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the adjoining beds were screened from them by elaborate surgical
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The organization in this city of a cremation society
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If the patient fails to react to the intradermal serum test within one
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In the tabulation cited from Leichtenstern and others we have
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revealed only moderate discoloration of four or five
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mortality and the effects of localities employments
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volved. In the centre of the axilla was a tumor about
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became quiz master and then demonstrator of anatomy and lecturer
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ing all the tissues in the front of the neck. The most significant
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Seoond American Edition. Edited by Frank Woodbnty. PhUad 4
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it is retained in the body as an unoxidized residuum of fat metabolism.
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of hemolytic activity such as phagocytosis of red cells and pigment
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that their cleanliness is not great that the nursing
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three inches long and three fourths of an inch wide
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McKelvy and Rosenbloom 55 in a second paper reported a
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and rather full. The respiratory movements were normal. The cardiac impulse
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n ative side of the machine at the time when each succeeding spark
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the cerebrospinal fluid in 114 cases after the intraspinous injection
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In 35 cases of bacillary dysentery in children in Baltimore and Bir
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hflll was about two thirds full part of the audience
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ride of lime or other antiseptic before being finally disposed of by the
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phia pp. 46 97. Here the effects of the atropia are
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A number of cases of true neuritis of the brachial plexus came
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similar change only more faintly and several minutes
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even though this is but little interfered with in uncomplicated cases.
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height of the infection. Besult cured complications bronchitis
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The blood already present in the arterial trunks of
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series. The reactions to the injections were very slight. Spolverini
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and the patient throughout laid flat upon his back
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assented. The president said that tying large arteries
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so reported are accurate and indeed any one who has studied the
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sources of the country increase only in arithmetica
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following the administration of 100 gm. glucose the rise of blood
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in many cases ends in death. The first case of this
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to have Dr. B. meet him in consultation the follow
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venient division of force into progression and pres
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never occurs but the first wave declined very susceptibly.
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reached during the spring months and from then on the incidence of
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carried by these sheets owing to their large cireula
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ment of an elixir which is a sure cure for whooping
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it probably exceeds that of the purely round celled
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children and the inmates of jails and asylums. In such institutions
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great emaciation ancemia and oedema of the feet the