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ciple which is similar to opium. Their extract is used in the

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mortality is in my opinion an unanswerable argument for a Providence. How

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Ceromel a mixture of wax and honey is applied to ulcers.

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L. Lightfoot of Nashville Tenn. were married September

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communities in this State sent their legislators instructed to

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prognosis is generally good as regards life the chief unfavor

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of residence for which 1 will be charged. Unless this

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There was no fissura arcuata in any of these specimens. How

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was a friend of Dr. Archibald Pitcairne of Edinburgh who apparently urged him

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der this act. And it shall be unlawful for anv owner

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The Potter County Medical Society at its annual session

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ion will do better than to splint the eye with atropin

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the election to such boards of one or more medical men

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