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a peptone water culture of Flexner bacilli remained alive after one

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He finds that in December 1915 and January 1916 there occurred

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work before us. Dr. Lombard s results are valuable

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the prepuce with a solution of carbolic acid say five

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spire confidence his technical equipment If he is to treat children

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eroup in fowls and diphtheria in man in the same lo

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ties for the intelligent and competent practitioner.

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dysentery patients died while in the Great War in spite of many cases

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brospinal fever has been epidemic in various places from time to time.

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round pointed aspinttiug ne lt dle attached to a hypo

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is insular in shap e and perhaps its limits are not

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of the respiratory passages. They were found in pure culture particu

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smBller proportion existing in the juices of the living

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declare. I will not detain this learned body with khj

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were ingested a rise of only 1.2 calories was recorded. The admin

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dition of cases of auricular fibrillation in perfused hearts. He states

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The spleen. The presence of splenic tumor constitutes one of the

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the peculiarity has also been identified in the human

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lose enough blood to afifect the pulse. I must say I

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I took it for granted this was such a case and pre

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cerebro spinal meningitis was an exceptional matter.