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Kingsbury 20 fig. 4 in which the notochord extends to the

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think this an unusual occurrence even for the Texas Plains.

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plying the Attorney Gteneral with requests for opinions

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Dr. Downs of Galveston to register their certificates as a

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cember 3rd with twenty four present. The following officers

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liquorice male fern root mistletoe mustard myrrh olive oil opium pepper

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less material reward for their services than physicians.

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agers and they surely contribute not the least thereto

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shown in figures 7 8 and 9 and the microscopical structure in

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cation and the State and Territorial Licensing Boards and college

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The Van Zandt County Medical Society met at Willa Point

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calized. An exploratory incision revealed an appendix

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cious leucorrheal discharge was noticed the parts were

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as a caustic or formed into a paste with saffron Causticum

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fortunates true to the old adage that a drowning man will

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faces than is found elsewhere in the head except in those re

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In the pars superior a subdivision is indicated by the cell forma

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left ureter was catheterized and the urine found normal.

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all the membranes represented by dots in figure 1 were observed

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specimens of plants. Sibbald and Balfour determined to establish a regular

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