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Tattooing was an important operation among the primitive northern peoples.

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mittee report was received and the committee continued.

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following are two extracts describing the nature of plague the first ingeniously

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She had menstruated in.January before the growth was noticed

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most satisfactorily. The steps of the operation are as follows

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Make a draught. To be taken three or four times a daj.

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Two weeks later I opened the abdomen by a gridiron in

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the Cumberland Hill school. The total number of cases

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fades off gradually into the surrounding ectoderm so that its

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enemies. Mr. Hamilton was an earnest advocate of all public

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fought out on the floor by a free and frank discussion of them

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som addition to St. Joseph s Infirmary was formally dedi

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ventricular markings namely the sulcus limitans and the dorsal

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For many centuries the well at Restalrig afterwards called

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will be numbered here among the preparations of opium.

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Van Alstyne Hamilton of Commerce James of Waxahachie

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were selected as newspapers in which to advertise the meet

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is a deficiency in hemaglqbin she should be placed on a tonic

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The Northeast Texas Medical Society will hold its semi

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Mix and divide into 12 equal parts. Take one fourth every hour so

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long forceps a drainage tube introduced and a simple dress

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Welsh and McCallum. The results are totally different

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thus exposing the underlying muco muscular coat of the organ

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the matter over the heads of the chief surgeons to the

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has the profession been more slow than in the adoption of

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vanilla essence of vanilla or spirits of vanilla not wholly

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refined for internal use. Essentially different from

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and jointly responsible for the proper execution and enforce