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The following preparations contain Iodine without the Iodide

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for the Eighth District was abstracted in the Journal

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cordial greetings. But this does not include all of my

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After five years service assistant surgeons are entitled to

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anterior end of the neural plate. The distinction of neurochordal

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sive methods of abdominal hysterectomy. Up to this time no

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medical fraternity should be the most cohesive of all

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particles outward and not inward. It is hence excepting

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Total number applicants conditioned after regrading failed

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on the brain as far as to the stria medullaris. Caudally the

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of Trustees of the Oklahoma Asylum for the Insane has de

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The Committee assumes responsibility for the opinions expressed in the Editorial columns alone.

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tentacle bearing ridge and to the tentacles are shown. The mouth and anal

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The first observation of this foramen was made on a case of tuberculous

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requirements are equal to that of the Association of American

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than pure HjO varying greatly in different localities

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is a direct result and a sign of mitral stenosis and that in

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consequence of chronic intoxication with phosphorus is caused

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Recognition of the Medical Association of the Southwest.

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