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of his researches the results of which may be stated briefly as follows.

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Inasmuch as the meningeal symptoms are often intensified during

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vibrations and is followed after a short interval by a series of coarse

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absolutely no one should enter the sick room under any pretext what

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rather to further paralyze the nerve and by depriv

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long. A cloudy appearance of the albumen extended back from these

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Conducted on the 12th of May 1914. The condition of the atmos

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These results have been confirmed by Eggleston 46 and by Pardee

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attacks the nails of those having this diseasa At times Achoriou

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especially in the cecum and large intestine vide infra. The Shiga

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been noted in animal experiments as occurring for quite a period of

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energy production and varies from mild tonic action to complete in