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Dividatur in partes aequales. let it be divided into equal parts.

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for Lieutenant Governor Davidson to defeat the amendment.

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tertiary tracts only. Under the exterior cortical layer there is a

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one week without being disinfected. Said disinfection must

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In reply to this letter we used the following language

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It is chiefly prescribed in diarrhoea and dysentery of children

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Changes in the Medical Corps of the IT. S. Navy for the week

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versity 1872 died of la grippe at Garden Valley on March

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the ventro lateral region of the anterior pole of the hemisphere.

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employed in the friction of chronic glandular enlargements.

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Another line in which the inventive genius of this prelate showed itself and

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lowing program for its meeting on August 9th. This is the

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atics from the ovaries Fallopian tubes and vagina to

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general northerly and southerly direction from its most

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mammalian fascia dentata is derived from the ventral part of

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