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The dose of Dinneford s solution is from half an ounce to one

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ticular deformity. To illustrate when the pelvic cavity

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Pharmacy and Chemistry of the American Medical Associa

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malaria which is quite prevalent at this season of the year.

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Returning now to a consideration of the bones of the head in

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make it incumbent on all to recognize its importance.

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Returning now to a consideration of the bones of the head in

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beyond the ovariotomy of McDowell too progressive for the

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Professor of Physiology amp nd Dean of the Medical Faculty

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the diagnosis of a pus collection was not always easy.

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The following contain both Iodine and Iodide of Potassium

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pregnancy or during the existence of haemorrhoids. It is in

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Hooper Conroe Vice President J. F. Collier Conroe Secre

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Department Peking Union Medical College Peking China

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corporated auditing company of Chicago which showed the