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title Auctorium Musaei Balfouriani e Musaeo Sibbaldiano. Sibbald s collection

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of the pelvis with pledgets of dry gauze. Drains were placed

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odor. She consulted her family physician Dr. Diemert

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meeting of the State Medical Society at Rockford. It isn t

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to the highway between Ayr and Prestwick. This hospital was dedicated to

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Mix make a draught. To be taken every hour in active effervescence

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fectly if we can do no better but there still remains in

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It was decided by motion that for the present and until

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In view of your literary qualifications our sincere advice

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Guadalupe County Medical Society elected the following offi

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Larvngology. State Medical Association of Texas Mineral

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shows how much the profession has yet to learn. It is

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ation first using a weak solution of cocain I apply the

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lead colic. Locally its saturated solution is used as a styptic

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