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The Chicago Medical Society is about to publish an official

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committee was appointed to draft a bill or bills regulating

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high as to endanger nearby articles in the room. Suspecting

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nucleus olfactorius lateralis in Amia is built up almost in the same

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results of the auditing of the books of the Association. The

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wrappings expelled devils from bodies that were possessed. 3

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The McLennan County Medical Society met in Waco Tues

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Bogenfurche he defines it as follows The continuation of the

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began to collect a library which by 1778 amounted to about 1500 volumes.

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testified that on Sunday afternoon September 23 1900

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several days be suspended and that this bill be placed upon

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its of this State who has not registered in the district

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reported that it was censurable. The author was accordingly cited to appear

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No. 15. Northeastern District embracing the following

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is only palliative and does not free the patient from the danger

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into effect. Such property is now subject to the control and

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Pimpinella Anisum Fennel seed of Foeniculum dulce offici

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