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The Chloride or Butter of Zinc is sometimes given in small

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sonnel of the House of Delegates at Corpus Christi will differ

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it was announced that here all noblemen gentlemen ladies and others may be

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state of the pulse ascertained before the dose is repeated. As

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District in the State Medical Association of Texas and was

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in length with a tuft at the head. It was expelled six months

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Althwae and Pasta Althseae are taken almost ad libitum.

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was sent the Governor and the editorial was submitted to

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so that it may be intelligently discussed with every legislator

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No. 11. Eastern District embracing the following counties

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tagious or infectious disease shall be knowingly employed to

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to expel worms especially lumbrici. Mr. Farr thought it useful

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An association of the motor glossopharyngeal and dorsal motor

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physician of the Southwestern Insane Asylum San Antonio

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witness and he shall in the presence of such witness mark

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Aquae Cinnamomi 3i88. Mix f 388 as occasion requires.

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ment. If adulterated liquor be sold one must take both

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and administered in smaller doses in dyspepsia and dysentery.

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same tissue as that composing the dorso lateral one. It is

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retic. It is recommended strongly by Dr. Hastings and others

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its high rate of mortality. Beyond the improvement in

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curred in the joints of a 2 raonths babe consecutive to gonor

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were overwhelmed by the infection and in spite of everything

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prevailing fashion become very profitable wished to be free of surgery and the

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nerves. This degeneration of the taste buds is not due to injuries

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much nausea and is therefore well adapted for use in cases of

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Prognosis in Typhoid Fever from Temperature After Cold

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the deceased either personally or by reputation. He belonged

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staining support my contention which agrees also with the fol

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is quite uniform throughout in its appearance with numerous

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the schedule was so close to catch outgoing trains in Fort

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Pure Pood Law and in so doing practically re enacted

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a posterior or anterior vaginal incision. Simple uncompli

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these affidavits to the new board with 50 cents a veri

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appearance seen in the surface examination of shark neural

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Unguentum Sahadillse Paris Codex to destroy vermin.

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deeply staining cells whose connections according to Smith and

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It is my privilege to speak to you on one of the most

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shape of the remainder of the cerebellum agrees well with that

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At the ventricular wall there is a second layer of cells forming

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