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Another and longer course of ten demonstrations is minuted in the records

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tonics. Besides its use as a stomachic and general tonic in

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equal to about 5 of the latter. Acidum Ilydrocyanicum

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Mix give a teaspoonful every morning for three days and a dose of

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The seeds of this plant have been lately recommended in

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especial interest of the sanitary conditions now existing in

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edition has been replaced by a new one from the second vol

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sult. This knowledge is best gained by catheterization

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means of committing a public offense and all the provisions

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pose it as a policy that for political Injury or even diplomatic infrac

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made food vessel urn of clay of Bronze Age. found with Bute skull.

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this method of spinal analgesia is ripe yet for general adoption.

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Edinburgh against the apothecaries in 1681. He was one of his Majesty s

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apply cool or cold applications to the lids also instill

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lectures on the Principles of Surgery Dallas Medical College

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years was between 80 and 90. Two years later however advancing years

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of a misdemeanor and upon conviction shall be punished by a

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pathological knowledge of the author enriches every page.

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whether it was fairly and directly the result of the injurious I

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Below is a partial list of the remedies so far shown

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sources and shall pay the same over to the treasurer within

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grain of opium. It is used as astringent and anodyne in chronic

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diluted with water to form a disinfecting solution.

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ants are chosen. The councilors were nominated from the

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stimulate interest and activity in county society work.

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borhood of the foramen monroi. The lateral expansion of the

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Lyber The Lyber Aureus of Johannis Afflaticius the son of Constantine begins with

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that time was entirely in the hands of female practitioners and the somewhat

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the face and chest and an infusion of gall nuts given followed

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larcrely predominated. We had all told about 170 cases

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ever that a certain amount of the poison is eliminated through

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sion the professed ability to prepare students to successfulb

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keep on the bottle from which such liquor is served a label in

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pure food and drugs with all of their expenses borne by that

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The following appointments have been made in the Medical

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Oxide of Zinc is not often used internally though it may be

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present position south of Holyrood where it covers another sainted spring known

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containing copies of Latin translations of ancient books mainly devotional

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ticipate in the scientific work for that section. Belie ing

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fession. The first number of this State bulletin is

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cussed by the ministers lawyers physicians or others who