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least twenty months and twenty seven months after 1908.

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of their trade. Upon passing such examimition a certificate of

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ing and scope as given to it in Section 13 of this act.

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dorse the following resolution which was passed by the

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district and that Goliad county be added to the Eighth in ito stead.

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In 1494 Bishop Elphinstone of Aberdeen obtained permission for the establishment University

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men to hasten to comply with the provisions of the new

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been diagnosed la grippe. As a result of the nose and

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doses it causes a kind of intoxication as in opium eaters.

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In the absence of Dr. S. R Burroughs Buffalo President of

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Inasmuch as the bordering edge of the neural plate in this

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Another reason of difference was that the clerical physician or surgeon furnished

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along these lines in the following resolutions which wer

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cently been investigating the gathering and transpor

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The primitive hippocampus arches over the caudal pole of the

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the remotest antiquity and in all countries dissensions

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Fig. 1 Dorsal view of the endocranial cast of a primitive rodent possibly

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practitioners is sufficiently directed to the subject. He said

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ing or mixing or the compounding of the natural product.

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stationery provided no bill either for services of a member

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sediment consisted in part of cow feces. Tuberculosis

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This name is applied to the dried leaflets of several species

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paid by each customer. The inmate is often credited