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Mix and divide into 24 powders. One four times a day.

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Lumpkin and G. T. Vineyard of Amarillo Committee on

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Professor John M. Scudder deceased who was one of the

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be styled The Texas Board of Pharmacy who shall hold

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Antimonial Medicines are excellent diaphoretics. A grain of the tartrate of anti

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Citric acid and lemon juice are refrigerant allaying thirst

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although some traces of it remained into the 19th century.

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Fig. 11 Base of same endocranial cast showing position of cranial nerves as

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other periodicals or read at International Congresses of Medical History in

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distance. Cross sections of the tract and also longitudinal

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formerly a hospital at Spitalhaugh on Lyne Water. 2

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Shortly after 1726 when the Medical Faculty was founded in the university