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sive. The cerebrum is more slender than in the modern rabbit

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tality of 14 per cent. The latest figures are by Picque

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shows an oval shaped thickening which reduces the ventricle at

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conclusively that the sympathetic primordia are made up both

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would prosecute the study of medicine in this school were

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it is probable that the pallium was already subdivided into the

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cases in the early stage before there is marked constitutional

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head region only. The notochord is indicated by cross barring the neural plate

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of peripheral neuritis. All of these cases recovered however

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and that throughout geologic time there has been an evolution

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are pushing a movement to establish a combination charity

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The Eastland County Medical Society met at Cisco March 22

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Similar variation in their number is observed in cats and do s.

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were not mentioned either by the petitioners or by the Town Council. The

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Section a. The owner manager agent or other person in

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Dr. Hester livtMl in Waco and moved to Haskell just a fnr

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correctness as utility to the operating surgeon. This feature is readily seen in

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Plumhi lodidum. The yellow Iodide of Lead has been given

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adopting ours. If I were a younger man I would go back to

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encouraging letters with literature and a history of our work

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out the conclusion that all varieties of sarcoma are more

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ness is represented to be immensely profitable and this

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The persons therefore who rendered help in time of sickness in country

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tion or elsewhere. The fight to place this work at Den

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during my early experience that the growth upon plain

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or more. Both must be given in solution and considerably

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the sinus. Bone was removed posterior to the sinus until

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of by resolution authorizing the Secretary to continue the

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practically the same as last year. The monthly subscrip

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Bill seed is the fruit of Anethum graveolens Anise seed of

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