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ous that a single grain of the pure acid is sufficient to destroy
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coincides and which in the brain and spinal cord is marked by
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By virtue of the authority vested in me by the above Act
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at the ventral angle of the lateral ventricle. From this it turns
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does not relish the quarantine recently declared by Dr.
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Delegates regarding the adoption of the constitution. Chair
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in the repulse of the Highland hosts at Harlaw in 141 1.
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will be accepted except approved by the Council on Pharmacy
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shade preferably white to mitigate the intensity of the light.
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The following were elected to membership at recent meetings
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be insufficient and in some instances inaccurate but
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will be among us until we succeed in teaching men not
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do this but I am sure that it will leave less scarring
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evagination brain parts occupying in other vertebrates a medial
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of the dense connective tissue of which the canals are composed.
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canals of the body and of the head is important because it thus
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so far as this cytoplasmic structure is concerned. It seems that
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shall approve. Every church having a carpeted floor shall be
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this composition the Committee of the College of Physicians of London directed the
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Quarantine Law is summed up by the Houston Post as fol
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Mix take three tablespoonfuls every second or third hour.
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and herrings and had tea in the afternoon but no supper.
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lobes are relatively broader. The Mesohippus brain is distinguished
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war he held the chair of anatomy in the Atlanta Medical
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produce a condition or appearance similar to a conges
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ruary 27th. He oscillated between dilirium with much pain
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