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Dissolve the salts in the water add the syrup and shake the phial.

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quarterly meeting at Austin December 19th. The scientific

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syphilitic symptoms received appropriate treatment. In

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In presenting the observations recorded above there is no dis

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was killed three days after operation. As observed in the figure

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On November 26th after some little advance advertising

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a slender ventral nerve root fig. 2 vr has grown out. This

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made as sterile as any other application. As it is the

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observations on the motor facial nucleus in other avian forms

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attention to the morphology of the forebrain which seems to

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The Houston County Medical Society met in Crockett April

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primarily by pathologic alterations in the vessels. The direct

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to some extent later through the dorso ventral compression of

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same and shall provide adequate urinals and closets for teach

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I took it out and kept the patient on her abdomen in order

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and cannot be distinguished morphologically from the area in

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On April 18 1906 I was called with Drs. HiU and Magee

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